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  • Consulting Solutions

    ceVoke’s consulting is focused on helping our clients navigate a complicated and often overwhelming world of assessments. Assessments are used to screen, select and develop people within an organization but

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  • Bryan Wempen

    Bryan Wempen    Sessions: Note-To-Self with Connected Capitalism -Following your passion and using your mind in the people business Description:  Being completely and authentically present (engaged) with your people, business

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  • ROWE

    Results-Only Work Environment   Session Summaries A Business Platform for the 21st Century Workforce Jody Thompson and her partner Cali Ressler have fought what might be considered the biggest battle

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  • Jason Seiden

    Jason Seiden    Sessions: Business is Profersonal™: Redefining The Employer/Employee Relationship Beyond Social Screw Your Career Path, Live Your Story   About Jason Jason is CEO of Ajax Workforce Marketing,

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